Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Quechua Language: Tribulchay, Huayno by Hugo Carrillo y Manuel Brena

Hugo Carrillo is a Peruvian anthropologist and Huayno singer. His concerts, in Quechua language, are full of onomatopoeic words and gestures, as expressed in the Andean region.
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Quechua Language: Tribulchay, Peruvian Huayno by Hugo Carrillo y Manuel Brena.
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Tribulchay, Huayno

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Joshua Marcus said...

I'd love to find out more about the origins of this song. Is it possible to contact Hugo Carillo?

I work for a kids music class in Philadelphia, USA and we'd love to make a simpler english rearrangement of this amazing song.

Anyone with information, please contact me.
Thanks for your time.
Joshua Marcus
(914) 417-9557