Saturday, February 28, 2009

Fossil skull of giant toothy seabird found in Ocucaje, Ica, Peru

Paleontologists working in Peru have found a fossil from a bird that lived 10 million years ago, scientists said on Friday after returning from the dig site on the country's desert coast.
The fossil is the best-preserved cranium ever found of a pelagornithid, a family of large seabirds believed to have gone extinct some 3 million years ago, said Rodolfo Salas, head of vertebrate paleontology at Peru's National History Museum.

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Fossil skull of giant toothy seabird found in Ocucaje, Ica, Peru.
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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Peru's 'La Teta Asustada' Takes Berlin Film Festival Top Award 2009

Golden Rectangle
'La Teta Asustada' a Peruvian drama about a young woman with a mysterious illness, won the Golden Bear award for the best movie at the Berlin Film Festival last night. Directed by Claudia Llosa, the film stars Magaly Solier as Fausta, who suffers from a disease she believes is transmitted through the breast milk of women who were raped in the Shining Path's war of terror in Peru. Her life starts to change direction after her mother dies and she goes to live in Lima.

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The Milk of Sorrow, La Teta Asustada and Golden Rectangle.
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