Friday, January 9, 2009

Peruvian Music by Cesar Paucar

Cesar Paucar is a classically trained Andean guitarist whose musical interests range from classical to flamenco, from Latin to folk. Cesar has just completed a third solo outing, entitled "De Amanecida" (At Dawn's Door) consisting of Peruvian music with the collaboration of several renowned Peruvian artists' such as Julio Tirado, Saywa, Lourdes Carhuaz, and Rose Guzman.

Cuzco, Panorama ViewDomestic Animals.
See video at:
Pamperos, latin-jazz.

More videos at:
Lost Dream, Huayno.
Palomita Vanidosa, Huayno.
Kiwi, Huayno.
Helme, Huayno.

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