Saturday, December 20, 2008

Cahuachi Project and Giuseppe Orefici

Nazca, Peru
The Ceremonial city of Cahuachi is located about 28 kilometres away from the modern city of Nazca, Peru at the lower section of the Nazca Valley, virtually in the middle of the desert. Since 1982, Italian archaeologist Giuseppe Orefici has begun tireless work uncovering the ancient city of the Nazca people.

Cahuachi Project and Giuseppe Orefici.
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History Today Events said...

The recent research on the Nazca culture and notably on the origins and significnace of the 'trophy heads' is fascinating! Guiseppe Orefici has undertaken particularly valuable research. I have just quoted him in an article on the recent study of the 'trophy heads' published in the Journal of Anthopological Arachaeology.
Kathryn Hadley

Mike Orrell said...

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